Volume Booster

Volume Booster is now available on Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.​

Best Volume Booster and Equalizer

Louden and amplify your volume with the safe and tested Volume Booster. As the name suggests, Volume Booster will boost the importance of your video and music. It doesn’t matter what speakers or headphones you opt for, and this extension will provide you with the best sound quality. Moreover, you won’t have to be limited to 100% volume as it will boost up to 600%. Volume Booster is a user-friendly tool. It has been created to get rid of lesser and lighter sound problems. You can pick how loud the sound you want is on your favorite audio and videos. Moreover, it will increase the volume without diminishing the quality of the audio or video playing. So, be accessible by using it as we understand the value of quality.

volume booster

Appealing Features Of Volume Boosters

Volume Booster is the perfect app for android users to get rid of sound limitations. It comes with the most advantageous features. This extension enables improving the audio sound of your Android device. Moreover, you will get the raised bass and overall increased volume with clear sound effectivity. Let’s see:

How To Download Volume Booster

Volume booster enables people to increase the volume of their favorite streaming without any hassle. It brings more enthusiasm to enjoy that music or video when you listen to them on a high volume range. You can simply download this extension to watch your favorite series, movies, and videos at the louder sound. Just follow some simple steps to get the extension installed. Let’s begin the installation procedure:


Note: Before starting the procedure, you need to have a Chromebook, Windows, or macOS device. Additionally, keep in mind that this extension is only compatible with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers. 

Pin the Volume Booster to the toolbar

After successfully downloading the Volume Booster, you need to pin this to the toolbar. To pin this, you need to navigate to the Extensions icon. Moreover, you will get the icon placed at the top-right corner of your browser. You must have been watching the pin button in the toolbar; simply click on it. Hence, here you will get your Volume Booster pinned to the toolbar.

Frequently Asked Questions

An android app allows you to enjoy your favorite audio and video at the increased sound. It increases the volume of your phone’s speaker without asking for charges. It will adjust your android equalizer to improve the sound.

You can use Chromebook Windows macOS as these are the compatible devices of Volume Booster. Moreover, it would be best if you used Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browsers.

Indeed. You will be having complete control over each tab individually. Moreover, You can set the particular tab’s volume on your comfortable range.

Yes, it is purely safe for your android phone. Because, Volume Booster is a tested app that helps you to louden the volume. While having it, there is no harm to your phone, and you can freely enjoy the fantastic features.

Not at all, Volume booster is a free app that does not require any charges. You can simply download it without paying anything. So, install it and listen to your favorite audio/video hassle-free.